This New Years Eve, we'll be dropping a new hoodie with a new design that's definitely going to have you ready to be on a mission to take care of business all 2022.

The new MONEY MISSION HOODIE is definitely an attractable piece of fashion. With the holiday in mind, we grouped together some of your classic new year colors that represent the celebration of it. 

We chose the hoodie to be made in white to represent a BRAND NEW start as the new year would indicate for some, while throwing in the classic golden yellow and black to represent the celebration of the new year.

The design was created with a thought of wanting to level up within the next year and wanting to emphasize the Ana A'me brand meaning "Always on a Mission" that's how the name was created.

The hoodie is lightweight but soft and comfortable. You won't be disappointed. 

Look out for this new addition to drop 12/31/2021

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Great ideas… And very inspiring…

Naisha Bates

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